37thAnnual Cambridge Trauma and Orthopaedic Club Meeting

Call for Abstracts


Dear all,

You are hereby invited to submit your research to the annual CTOC meeting. It’s a highly regarded regional meeting to showcase your work with a number of prizes available. It is mandatory for all current registrars to submit an abstract for the meeting, and the day is free to attend. Please submit your abstract by December 2018 using the system below. You will need to log in or register to proceed. Successful abstracts will be selected for a podium presentation and contacted by the club secretary, Arman Memarzadeh.

The prizes are traditionally given to research performed during your time as a trainee. Submission of research prior to your time as a trainee is acceptable but can’t be considered for the prizes. Please note that if your abstract is accepted, we will need your presentations by the end of January 2019.

Deadline for submission: 31st December 2018


Your abstract submission needs to include the following:
  • Authors’ names; please indicate the senior author
  • Your grade
  • Please use the following format for your abstract:
    • Introduction
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusion
  • Maximum word count: 300


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