JAM Presentation

JAM Presentation

41st Cambridge Trauma & Orthopaedic Club Annual Academic Meeting

30th June

Dear colleague,

Congratulations! Your paper has been accepted a JAM – Just-a-minute presentation

Please confirm you will be attending the meeting and presenting your paper to 41stCTOC2023@gmail.com by 6th June 2023.

Please submit your presentation by the 23rd June 2023.

JAM Presentation

This is a quick focussed presentation to inform the viewers of the finding of your paper.

There will be one minute for presentation and one question at the end.

There is a prize for the Best JAM presentation.

Preparing a presentation for JAM – Just a minute

We suggest you prepare your presentation using PowerPoint. If using keynote please export it to PowerPoint.

  • Use only 1 slide
  • Landscape format
  • Use widescreen format – (16:9)

To find this go to design tab and click on slide size, then 16:9

You can use other applications such as Canva or Venngage but ensure that the final presentation is in Power Point format. You can to register for a free account to use some of the functions.