Please find attached the guidelines for your presentation.

Oral Presentation

JAM Presentation

Video Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation

  • Please confirm that you will be attending and presenting you paper by sending an email to {{notification email}} by midnight 7th April 2021. If you have not confirmed by then – we will assume that you are not be presenting and your slot will be given to the next highest ranking abstract.
  • We will need the presentations to be sent to {{notification email}} by midnight of 14th April 2021 to be included in the programme. All presentations will be run from the event organisers computer to ensure there is a smooth seamless flow during the programme. If you are unable to attend please do let us know so that we can give the slot to the next highest scoring abstract.
  • If your presentation is > 10MB, you may not be able to send via email (depends of email provider). If that is the case please use dropbox or wetransfer to send the presentation.

  • Please register for the {{event title}} immediately to confirm your participation. Registration must be completed online through the link below. The meeting will be held virtually over Zoom

We look forward to seeing you on 16th April virtually.