2018 Academic Meeting:

    • Date: Friday 23rd March 2018, 08:30am
    • Club president: Mr Douglas Hay
    • Club Secretary: Mr Ross Coomber
    • Academic Meeting: St John’s College, Cambridge
    • Program: Click Here
    • Guest Speakers:
      • Prof Rene Verdonk from Belgium a world leader on the meniscus
      •  Dr Herb von Schroeder from Canada on the carpus
      •  Professor Chris Lavy from Oxford on his experience setting up African surgical training
      •  Professor Shafi Ahmed on tech innovation in Orthopaedics
      •  Prof Field from SWLEOC – Anterior Approach to the hip
    • Deadline for submission: End of February 2018
    • Dinner:King’s College, King’s Parade, Cambridge


Click Here for full program